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Captain America inspired wrist strap

Notice: I am posting my new items on
my Etsy store Bansai8Creations.
But you can still order anything via this website.
And my posting is slower than my creating,
so if you want an item you saw at a show,
please email me!

Please click here for link to my Etsy store "bansai8creations"

I have many items at
Otherworlds Store in Edmonds, WA.
See many Firefly, Portal, Dr Who and Steampunk items in person there! 
Please see the store website for more information.
Sassafras Boutique, Belltown, Seattle, WA.

Next confirmed siting in 2015 will be at:

GEEKGIRLCON, Oct 10&11, Seattle Conference Center

Thanks to all for stopping by my booth at:

Galacticon IV Resurrection








Leather Cuffs!
LGPA Items!
"Round Up" Zippered Cases
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hair on hide leather clutch
Guitar Straps -- Game inspired or other Artwork
Please see my Etsy store!
Laptop Bag
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Leather Lunch Bags
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Club Bags (small purses)
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Catnip Toys
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Mink Trimmed Cat Toys
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Brown & Yellow Lambskin
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Medium Satchel
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Large Satchel
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My Philosophy...

I believe a purse or bag should feel as good to use as it looks and functions.

I express that feeling with real leather and natural fibers. And a dash of bright color or pattern in the lining to make you smile!

Adding to the uniqueness of my designs is the choice of materials--in addition to new "hair on hide" and other leathers with their own natural variations, I often "re-purpose" leather and furs from coats or skirts and vintage or art fabrics for linings.

This ensures you will never see your purse on someone else's arm! (Unless you want to order matching bags for a wedding party)

Customizing your purse: Could you... what about... ?

Most items you see can be customized--so if you see a style, but not the color combination you desire, I'd be happy to make it for you!

Also if you like how it looks, but not sure how it feels, I can arrange to send you swatches for any items on the site for a small refundable deposit.

And don't miss the cat toys!

Thank you for visiting!

Questions or requests for my products? Please email me at:


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